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Emoji One's man raising hand emoji Apple's man raising hand emoji Twemoji's man raising hand emoji Facebook's man raising hand emoji Messenger does not support man raising hand emoji Google's man raising hand emoji
Emoji One's woman raising hand emoji Apple's woman raising hand emoji Twemoji's woman raising hand emoji Facebook's woman raising hand emoji Messenger does not support woman raising hand emoji Google's woman raising hand emoji
Emoji One's OK hand emoji Apple's OK hand emoji Twemoji's OK hand emoji Facebook's OK hand emoji Messenger's OK hand emoji Google's OK hand emoji
Emoji One's thumbs up emoji Apple's thumbs up emoji Twemoji's thumbs up emoji Facebook's thumbs up emoji Messenger's thumbs up emoji Google's thumbs up emoji
Emoji One's handshake emoji Apple's handshake emoji Twemoji's handshake emoji Facebook's handshake emoji Messenger does not support handshake emoji Google's handshake emoji
Emoji One's heavy check mark emoji Apple's heavy check mark emoji Twemoji's heavy check mark emoji Facebook's heavy check mark emoji Messenger's heavy check mark emoji Google's heavy check mark emoji
Emoji One's OK button emoji Apple's OK button emoji Twemoji's OK button emoji Facebook's OK button emoji Messenger's OK button emoji Google's OK button emoji


Old English wilcuma ‘a person whose coming is pleasing’, wilcumian (verb), from wil- ‘desire, pleasure’ + cuman ‘come’. The first element was later changed to wel- ‘well’, influenced by Old French bien venu or Old Norse velkominn.


  • welcome /ˈwɛlkəm/