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Emoji One's drooling face emoji Apple's drooling face emoji Twemoji's drooling face emoji Facebook's drooling face emoji Messenger does not support drooling face emoji Google's drooling face emoji
Emoji One's money-mouth face emoji Apple's money-mouth face emoji Twemoji's money-mouth face emoji Facebook's money-mouth face emoji Messenger does not support money-mouth face emoji Google's money-mouth face emoji
Emoji One's crossed fingers emoji Apple's crossed fingers emoji Twemoji's crossed fingers emoji Facebook's crossed fingers emoji Messenger does not support crossed fingers emoji Google's crossed fingers emoji


Middle English: the noun from Old Norse vant, neuter of vanr ‘lacking’; the verb from Old Norse vanta ‘be lacking’. The original notion of ‘lack’ was early extended to ‘need’ and from this developed the sense ‘desire’.


  • want /wɒnt/