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Unimoji is the next natural step in the emoji communication. Unimoji’s goal is to turn emojis into a complete, expressive written language. Full sentences are made possible by an established grammar and a set of intuitive grammar symbols.

Emoji usage has become extremely popular in mobile devices and digital communication. People use them every day worldwide to express themselves, but we think emojis have much more potential. We see emojis potentially a very powerful communication tool across language barriers. It can also help people with severe speech impairment, and support people, especially children, in language learning.

Even though Unimoji development has just got started, you can already learn Unimoji with our dictionary which contains English and Unimoji translations for most of the currently available emojis. We will tell more about Unimoji language and its grammar on our website soon in the future. Be the first to hear about it by subscribing to our newsletter.

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Every language exists because of a community that uses and develops it. You can be part of Unimoji community as well. There are multiple ways you can get involved, for example helping to translate Unimoji into your native language. You can also help with emoji designs or just take part in the discussion. Don’t hesitate to take part in the development of the first fully functional emoji language.

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Feel free to contact us in any matter. Any feedback which helps us to improve our dictionary or service is appreciated. You can contact us to participate in this new, innovative emoji language project and to become a valuable member of the Unimoji community. We are also open for collaborations and business proposals. Just let us know what you have in mind, we are happy to hear about you!

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